NHCPS and Disque Foundation partner with Ronald McDonald House Families to Serve the Homeless One Blessing Bag at a Time

Chicago is an expensive place to live. Low wages and a lack of affordable housing have made Chicago a haven for homelessness. In fact, in 2009, over 93,000 people reported homelessness, and the numbers are continuing to increase. (source: Chicago Coalition for the Homeless)

With the colder season approaching, attending to the homeless is more important than ever to the Disque Foundation team members. With the disparity and lack of resources in the Chicago area, a change needed to occur. The Disque Foundation, which is proud to be in partnership with National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS), needed a team of dedicated members to help curate a plan of action to help lift the weight and stress off the homeless in the downtown Chicago area. The Disque Foundation asked the leadership team at NHCPS for help, and they wasted no time in preparing a trip to Chicago to collectively make a change.

Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque, executive director of the Disque Foundation, has spent many years volunteering and speaking at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago (RMH). RMH Chicago is an organization aimed towards providing comfort to children and families with sick children. RMH knows that the impact a sick child can have is often too much for people to handle. Their central mission, to care for families and children with complex medical needs by providing comfort, care, and love, has become a central goal of the Disque Foundation over the years through the continual and mutual efforts. In fact, the Disque Foundation and RMH Chicago collaborated together this past September, hoping to make homelessness in Chicago more bearable this season.

The leadership team at NHCPS and two family members of RMH spent an evening crafting over 40 “blessing bags”, which they filled with several necessities such as: toothpaste, non-perishable foods (crackers, jerky, cheeses), hand warmers, toothbrushes, socks and other necessities. This activity was aimed towards not only aiding those in need, but also for the current residents of RMH to make an impact on their local community. Team members received the supplies through personal purchases and donations.

“It was amazing to see families that are going through their own ordeals but were so willing to pitch in and help others.” -Andrew Howard, member of NHCPS leadership team

All involved were thankful for the opportunity to shed positive light into the community. NHCPS is honored to fund and support the Disque Foundation as Dr. Disque has continually worked with the RMH Chicago children and faculty. As a member of the community, his connection with the children and faculty are long established and authentic which has persistently encouraged NHCPS team members to get involved as Dr. Disque has done in the past and continues to do.

NHCPS members said they hope everyone involved found immense comfort upon receiving the blessing bags and felt a sense of home, even in the midst of their struggles.