We believe
teamwork makes
the dream work.

Meet our team of professionals who are working domestically and abroad to save lives everyday.  

Our team of board members, medical educators and the executive director strive daily to spread the mission of the Disque Foundation.

Their backgrounds in health care, education and nonprofit management mean
constant and never ending improvement in contribution to the foundation.

Get to know more about team!


John F. Disque

Inspiring Philanthropist

A lifetime believer of the impact motivation can make on an individual, John has strived his whole life to provide positive encouragement and support for everyone around him on a daily basis.


Karl Disque, D.O. RPH

Executive Director

Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque is the Executive Director of the Disque Foundation, is a board certified physician, practicing anesthesiologist, and social entrepreneur.


Catherine Hickey

Board Member

Catherine Hickey has been serving alongside the Disque Foundation team since the beginning of its foundation in the mid-2000’s. 


Lauren Diffendarfer

Medical Educator

Lauren works as the Medical Educator for the Disque Foundation and stays heavily involved with health care in and out of her local community.

Anna in the Dominican Republic

Anna Disque

Board Member

Anna coordinates many of the trips with groups the Disque Foundation serves. Anna works with many locals to further their health and medical education.

Karoline Kress

Karoline Kress

iLive Program Coordinator

Karoline co-founded and continues to organize the weekly iLIVE (inspiring Leaders Innovators and Volunteers Everywhere) video calls and has been involved with our efforts at the Ronald McDonald House.

Are you or your organization interested in joining us in our mission to empower 1 million people to save lives by 2020? Partner with us.

  1. Helen Beyene says:

    WOW! Disque Foundation is truly inspirational. I stumbled upon your Website while surfing the net. I simply want to know more about the work you do. You provide such an opportunity for people to serve and make a difference in the lives of others and make an impact both locally and world wide. Truly transformational and a hope for our vision. Exceptional contribution!

  2. Disque Foundation says:

    Hello Helen, Thank you for your wonderful comment! Please do continue to empower more people to save lives! May you have a great day!

  3. Leonardo Espindola says:

    Hello, hello how are you? Is Mackenzie Thompson still working the in the d Foundation thanks? I have some ideas maybe you want to hear for being better your website that has more and more people for the project 1 million life to save his life 2020.

  4. Karla Maldonado says:

    Are your BBP certification course one of the OSHA approved or authorized? In other words, are you a authorized certification provider?

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