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The Disque Foundation is still in its beginning stages, and we are doing all we can to expand our reach. All involved with the foundation are motivated to continue our aspirations, but we cannot do this alone.

Through the help of committed supporters like yourself, the Disque Foundation will have the ability to grow and further our cause across the globe. Help us by making a tax-deductible gift to the Disque Foundation.

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people empowered to save a life in over

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The Save a Life Initiative

The idea behind the Save a Life Initiative is simple. Take the same advanced life-saving training we developed for physicians, and give it to the underserved, at home and abroad at no cost. We work in conjunction with the Disque Foundation to fulfill its mission of advancing health care education to the underserved through advanced technology. When we put the knowledge, skills and ability to perform CPR and other proven techniques in the hands of people around the world, the potential number of lives saved is almost overwhelming.

Save a Life Certifications by NHCPS, the Disque Foundation and you. Together, let’s save lives.

Save a Life Certifications by NHCPS + Disque Foundation