Working Together

Our Save a Life Initiative Advisory Board members are experts in the research and medical fields, providing ongoing guidance and contributions that strengthen our team and mission.

Our trusted medical advisors, researchers and educators are the voice of our foundation, and have become an integral part of our mission.

Dr Burbella

Douglas L Burbella, MD

Dr. Douglas Burbella brings over 35 years of medical knowledge and experience to our team. As a missionary medical doctor, Dr. Burbella has worked abroad in various hostile environments such as in Iraq, India and Africa.


James L. Clark

James L. Clark is co-founder of Boots on the Ground, an international nonprofit dedicated to empowering veterans and qualified civilians to provide in-field emergency and primary medical care in underserved areas of the world.

Harry Owens, Jr. MD, MIM

Harry Owens Jr., MD, MIM

A veteran of medicine, Dr. Harry Owens brings decades of medical and volunteer experience to our mission. He has worked in remote areas of the world such as the Alaskan Arctic, East African jungles and the Middle East.


Parag V Patel, DO

Motivated by his desire to alleviate poverty and help his birth country of Kenya, Dr. Patel’s accomplishments, expertise, and dedicated pursuit of world health are only some of the reasons the Save A Life Advisory Board is excited to have him as a member


Erin Nasrallah

Erin Nasrallah dedicates her abilities to improving the quality of life for people across the globe,  making her a perfect fit for the Save A Life Advisory Board

Shahram Bayanati, MD

Shahram Bayanati, MD

Dr. Shahram Bayanati is a board-certified physician from Iran, now based in Canada, and he brings over 20 years of medical expertise to the Board. His primary focus is on emergency cardiology.


Ryan Knobovitch

Ryan Knobovitch is a pediatric medical assistant with an unwavering passion for encouraging
and facilitating medical education. His career goal is to become a pediatrician with interests in
emergency and critical care medicine.

George Miller Profile

George Miller, M.Ed., NRP

George Miller, M.Ed., NRP has devoted 35+ years of his life providing emergency care to the sick and injured as an International flight paramedic and flight training officer.

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