Ryan Knobovitch

Ryan Knobovitch is an MD candidate and Chief Medical Educator of the Disque Foundation who has been with the organization since 2018. He has helped oversee the development and integration of comprehensive learning materials for our international network of over 5 million healthcare providers.

Ryan completed his undergraduate degree and now medical studies at McGill University, one of the most well-regarded medical schools in the world. He is steadfast in pursuing a career in trauma surgery with academic interests in using modern technology to advance educational curricula and enhance simulation-based learning in medical trainees. He has previously worked as a pediatric medical assistant, acquiring remarkable clinical skills in primary and acute care settings. Further, Ryan is a long-standing volunteer and fervent advocate for patients and families affected by cancer, which he finds deeply meaningful given his lived experiences.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys swimming, hiking, and exploring the open road. His commitment to helping others and adventurous nature is evident in every aspect of his life, and we are exceptionally proud to have him as part of our team.