Disque Foundation Fulfills Mission of Empowering 1 Million People

The Disque Foundation has empowered people to save lives since 2012, through free CPR and advanced life support training. Our mission has grown over the years from in-person trainings held in the midwest of the United States, to internationally from Haiti to Kenya, to globally through the first free online training and certification provider.

We reached our initial goal of empowering 1 million people to save a life in January 2019, one year ahead of schedule. We had set out to achieve this landmark by the end of 2019, which just illustrates the great and continued need for CPR training globally. We do this by offering free CPR training to underserved populations around the world. In fact, we are the only organization that both trains and certifies people completely free of charge as part of the Save a Life Initiative.

Partnering to Expand the Save a Life Initiativedr. karl fritz conducting cpr training

Through the partnership and support between the Disque Foundation and National Healthcare Provider Solutions (NHCPS), the most trusted name in online medical certification, we were able to hit our mission one year ahead of schedule.

The Disque Foundation was founded by Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque, a board-certified anesthesiologist, following his first trip to Haiti with a team of physicians in 2010, after the devastating earthquake. Dr. Disque’s resulting determination to train individuals in basic life support so they could serve their own communities thus began. Since 2012, the Disque Foundation leadership team has traveled across North America, Africa, Malaysia, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.

“I am so honored to be part of this team. I constantly feel the impact from the work we are doing in communities around the world, and I couldn’t be more excited about what is coming in the future for the team!” says Dr. Disque.

Offering Free Training and Certification to Save Lives

In the effort to provide medical education training globally, the Disque Foundation actively partners with groups across the country and around the world to train health care professionals in pediatric advanced life support and advanced cardiac life support. We do this by offering free training to the public via free webinars on the foundation’s website, and offering attendees free certification opportunities once completed.

We are committed to living in a world where everyone is empowered to save lives, this has fueled our next mission to empower 10 million people to save a life by the year 2025.

Another key part of the Disque Foundation mission and resulting success, is through our “super-users.” A super-user is someone we train in one of our certification courses and in person-trainings, who takes the knowledge and skills they learned, and teaches others in their community. This creates a network of individuals empowered to save lives. The mission of our newly trained super-users is to return to their hospitals, and train the doctors and nurse on staff in the scenarios they were just trained in. The super-user model expands the Disque Foundation mission exponentially.

Alphipany Roque, a Disque Foundation super-user from Navotas City, Philippines, has used his super-user status to train more than 1,200 people in his community to date. “The CPR training I got from the Disque team is a whole new avenue for helping people here; my new skills have multiplied many times over.” Without super-user as active and community committed as Alphipany, we would not have been able to hit our mission a year early.

CPR compressions demoLooking Toward the 2025 Mission

The Disque Foundation is continually committed to empowering other to save lives, if that’s through health care education through CPR or volunteering in communities that need a helping hand. We are committed to living in a world where everyone is empowered to save lives, this has fueled our next mission to empower 10 million people to save a life by the year 2025.