Empowerment Report: The Disque Foundation Journey in 2021

We are proud to announce that in 2021 the Disque Foundation, in conjunction with Save a Life Certifications by NHCPS, provided 787,283 free certifications! Our partners, our amazing community of learners, and our team have been working hard to empower everyone around the globe to save a life, and without everyone’s help, this wouldn’t be possible. 

By the end of the year, we had empowered 3.7 million lives in more than 182 countries to save a life and acquire the latest advances in life-saving techniques. Through the use of technology, we’ve made advanced healthcare education accessible and free to all in need. Our team is blessed to announce that from 2015 to 2021, we’ve given away approximately 123 million US dollars in free healthcare certifications. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our Save a Life Initiative trainers and everyone who has supported us on this journey.

Our Trainers

Amidst a global pandemic, in 2021, our Save a Life Initiative Trainers rose to the challenge in a time of need more than ever. In particular, one SALI trainer, Bravo Zulu from Navotas, Philippines, hosted 40 events that empowered nearly 1,000 individuals, teaching them CRP, First Aid, & AED, Basic Life Support, among other life-saving techniques. Our SALI Trainers hosted a total of 180 online and in-person events! Through the events, they alone empowered 5,600 lives.

The Journey Doesn’t Stop

Our goal doesn’t end here! We are driven to empower 10 million people around the globe by 2025, and with the help of our partners, trainers, and learners, we are taking giant steps to get there! We broke our record for the average daily lives empowered in 2021, averaging 2,219 lives a day! The number of lives empowered is adding up faster than anyone can count, and we won’t ever stop pursuing a world in which everyone can save a life. 

How We Do It?

The idea behind the Save a Life Initiative is simple! We take the same advanced life-saving training we developed for health care providers and teach it to everyone at home and abroad.

By leveraging technology, the web, and our hard work, we can get our course and course materials in the hands of anyone willing to learn and eager to help save lives. On top of that, our medical educators and education team go above and beyond to make our courses understandable to all, regardless of their backgrounds, ensuring everybody can have the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform CPR and other proven techniques to save a life.

Our Online Course

Our Save a Life Initiative originates from our long partnership with Save a Life Certifications by National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS). NHCPS is the world’s first life-saving certification provider to be 100% online. Their courses are accessible to anyone who has a device with internet access. All the courses are designed by Board Certified Physicians and adhere to the latest ILCOR standards and guidelines to provide learners with the highest level of education.

The Empowerment Report

Our team at the Disque Foundation organized an empowerment report to share the success our partners, learners, and our team accomplished in 2021! The report covers our mission to empower 10 million people to save a life by 2025, the journey that has gotten us to where we are now and recognizes our partners who have dedicated their time to supporting the Save a Life Initiative. 

From 2014 to 2021, we went from 103,370 to 3.7 million lives empowered!

Join Us in Our Mission

The Disque Foundation pledges 100% of public donations directly to fund our cause. If you are interested in joining our mission to empower 10 million people by 2025, please check out ways you can give or contact us for more information at info@disquefoundation.org