Volunteer Spotlight

Since our beginning, the Disque Foundation has empowered almost 500,000 individuals to save a life through certified CPR training. And with the goal of empowering a million individuals to save a life by 2020, we have partnered with National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) to offer free life support training courses with our Safe a Life Initiative. Not only is the Disque Foundation well on its way to achieving that goal, we have been fortunate enough to having some amazing volunteers help along the way. We wanted to take the time to give a huge thanks to our volunteers and board members and spotlight a few who are doing great things in the medical world.

We’re happy to introduce one of our advisory board members, Dr. Abbas Khosravi MD, FCCM.

Dr. Khosravi is a board-certified anesthesiologist with advanced experience and fellowship degrees in critical care medicine and medical education, bringing valued medical and educational input to our mission. After graduating from Shiraz University of Medicine in Iran, he began practicing as a general practitioner and emergency physician for six years post-graduation. Dr. Khosravi felt a desire to specialize in the field of anesthesia, so he began a residency program in 1999, all while working as an assistant professor of anesthesia to Iranian medical students.

Dr. Abbas with the ICU staff of the Iranian hospital in Dubai

In 2005, he relocated to Dubai and started work at the largest hospital trauma center in Dubai as an ICU staff physician. His passion for critical care in his community led him to establish and manage the ICU department of new trauma center hospital in Shiraz (Iran) for one year and then joining the Iranian Red Cross-affiliated hospital in Dubai in 2010 as a full-time intensivist and head of the critical care department, which is his current practice. At the same time he is cooperating with Amana hospital in Abu Dhabi, a specialized medical facility for long-term ventilated patients. Dr. Khosravi’s work entails the management of the entire Medical/surgical intensive care unit, a responsibility he bravely took on while completing his Master’s Degree in Medical Education.

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Khosravi has published a couple of scientific articles in medical journals and has participated in many international presentations on critical care and medical education. His professional interests have become his passions, and he is continually researching ways to improve leadership in critical care units, international accreditations, quality and patient safety. In his free time, he enjoys fine arts, practicing calligraphy, photography and traveling. We’re so thankful to have Dr. Khosravi with us as apart of our team.

Meet one of our volunteers, Leonardo Espindola.

As a registered nurse (RN) from Argentina, he has vast experience in the medical field. We’re fortunate to work with Espindola and hear about his medical journey. After taking one of our certification courses, he offered to translate our Medicode Application algorithms into Spanish to give others a chance to become certified through courses for ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR.

Just recently, he was working as a volunteer for the Red Cross in Argentina as the city of Comodoro Rivadavia experienced massive flooding. Espindola said that the floods were due to a rise in sea level and Argentina’s largest city, Patagonia Austral, declared itself in a national emergency. Espindola shed light on the difficulty of the situation as more than 2,000 families were evacuated from the area. With his duty as a volunteer, he said he only slept two or three hours a night. Espindola was in charge of one of the evacuation centers, working with Ejercito Argentino (The Argentine Army) who handles the extraction of flood victims. He said that he helped with registration, evaluating their clinical history and a routine to prevent them from catching contagious infectious diseases. Just like Espindola’s story, there are many out there fighting to save lives by working in the medical field. At the Disque Foundation, we live out our mission by taking every opportunity to serve, both domestically and globally, in undeveloped and impoverished communities. From Louisiana to Africa, we have empowered thousands to save a life.

Everyday is a chance for someone to be empowered to save a life. Through our courses offered by NHCPS, we continue to strive everyday towards reaching our goal of empowering a million individuals to save a life by 2020. Sign up for a course here and get certified today!

Last but not least, meet our volunteer, Jen Kyer.

She is a mom, wife, blogger and registered nurse from Connecticut. As a guest blogger for NHCPS, Kyer wrote a blog on how to provide support for a significant other who is a nurse. One of her own blogs was also posted on the NHCPS website which discussed the changing landscape of nursing, specifically bedside nursing. Read here. Kyer’s personal blog is called On: Purpose and she dishes out her experience and knowledge on the topics of family, marriage, life, home, nursing, and kids. Partnering with Jen to write these blog posts has given NHCPS the chance to give a unique nursing perspective in the medical working world. 

Thank you for all your support! We would have not been able to accomplish all that we have, thus far, without the help of our advisory board members, volunteers, and NHCPS, among many.

If you are interesting in volunteering, feel free to reach out here!

The Disque Foundation team