Welcome to the new Disque Foundation site: A history of what we’ve done

5…4…3…2…1… and we’re off! Welcome to the brand new Disque Foundation website. After months of dedication to renovating our page, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the new disquefoundation.org.

Aside from a fresh new look, including an updated logo design, the new site provides our visitors with the ability to learn more about our mission, who we are and stay up to date on our new adventures. With the mission of empowering a million people to save a life by year 2020, we’ve decided to add a running count of the total number of individuals we’ve empowered over the years to inspire both our visitors and us to embark on the journey with us. The new logo design perfectly depicts our mission as it illustrated an individual performing life-saving CPR in the shape of a heart. The site includes easy to find resources on courses offered, news updates and the Empowerment Team.

In honor of the new site, we wanted to take a look at the brief history behind the foundation, and give our visitors insight on how far we’ve come with the generous help of our partner, National Health Care Provider Solutions and people just like you!

A History of Disque Foundation and Save A Life Initiative Around the World

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2010: Dr. Karl Fritz Disque, practicing anesthesiologist and executive director of the foundation, and 20 volunteer health care providers from Rush University serve in Haiti  after the devastating earthquake.  

In that same trip, Dr. Disque saves a newborn’s life with Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support (PALS).

a case for pals haiti

2011: Dr. Disque travels to Ethiopia, Africa, where he trains nurses from Ethiopia’s first Nurse Anesthetists Master’s program.

ethiopia disque foundation 2011

2012: The team at Disque Foundation take their first annual trip together, serving in Costa Rica, providing BLS and CPR to countless locals. During downtime, the team spent time with children at a local orphanage and helped with construction projects and teaching English.

costa rica disque foundation 2012

2013: The Empowerment Team travels to Panama with Floating Doctors, providing medical relief to remote coastal communities.


2014: Dr. Disque serves in Malaysia and Nepal with St. John’s Ambulance to provide free CPR training to students and staff at Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

nepal disque foundation 2014malaysia disque foundation 2013

2015: Dr. Disque travels to the Dominican Republic, where he repairs over 50 hernias, performs 3 C-sections, and several other emergent trauma procedures for locals in Salcedo. During the same trip, he trained several volunteer firefighters and medical students in basic life support in the Philippines.

dominican republic disque foundation 2014

2016: The entire Empowerment Team flew to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they helped rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward, which is still experiencing devastation due to Hurricane Katrina. They also taught CPR to countless locals through live demonstrations.

new orleans disque foundation 2016

What will we do next? For frequent updates on what we are up to, check out our Facebook page.

We are so thrilled that we are able to reflect on the past mission trips over the years to the underserved parts of the world with you. Without the support of health care providers who choose to certify in  ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR through NHCPS, we would not have the financial resources to travel to underserved areas in the world. With the help of NHCPS and the generous donations of those who feel called to give, we are able to empower.

We hope you enjoy the new site! Please feel free to leave us any feedback, and contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at anytime.