Fritz Works to Improve Heart Health of Elmhurst Park District

EventOn August 25th, Fritz got the opportunity to speak to the employees of Elmhurst Park District about Life’s Simple 7™. In an effort to simplify heart health down to seven components, the AHA created Live Better with Life’s Simple 7™” This extensive, interactive presentation explains how and why to implement the American Heart Association’s campaign to improve overall health and longevity into every individual’s life. “Live Better with Life’s Simple 7™” was delivered to the employees of Elmhurst Park District to answer common questions asked by those concerned about their health. In cooperation with the AHA, the Disque Foundation and his own personal experience, the information Fritz presented through Live Better with Life’s Simple 7™” was life changing for the employees.

Elmhurst Park District employees are a customer-centered organization focused on creating fresh and innovative ideas to improve local suitability. With hundreds of programs, parks and facilities, Elmhurst Park District is highly involved in events and involvement opportunities for all Elmhurst residents.

Fritz said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to present to such a large group of leaders who make such an impact on the Elmhurst community.  With the staggering number of heart diseases reported in America over the last few years (about 600,000 each year), the need for improved lifestyle awareness is critical for the health of Americans. 

“With the mindfulness and resolve to follow “Life’s Simple 7” by age 50, we have found that you can experience another 40 years of life free of cardiovascular disease.” –Fritz

Fritz has made it his personal mission to build a healthier future one heart at a time, increasing personal health and potential for everyone he has the chance to meet. In addition to the seven components of “Life’s Simple 7™” (getting active, controlling cholesterol, eating better, managing blood pressure, losing weight, reducing blood sugar and eliminating tobacco use), Fritz’s presentation also included an interactive Q&A session, as well as hypertension prevention and management tips.

The employees of Elmhurst Park District were encouraged to spread awareness of the importance of healthy living, an ongoing goal of the Disque Foundation. By living in accordance with the principles of Live Better With Life’s Simple 7™”, the entire city of Elmhurst has the potential to improve their health considerably. Fritz and all members of the Disque Foundation are excited to continue working with the AHA in more events to build healthier communities worldwide.