Volunteer Spotlight: Alfie Roque Empowers 4,000 and Counting

The Disque Foundation is proud to partner with Alfie G. Roque from the Bravo Zulu Team in the Philippines with our joint mission to empower others to save lives. Alfie and his team has hosted more than 35 events and has empowered thousands of individuals and counting to date.

bravozulu team headed by Alphie RoqueThe Bravo Zulu First Aid and Safety Team (BZFAST) was founded and created by a group of peer instructors and response volunteers led by Basilio L. Bautista and Alfie G. Roque in 2014 during an event in Tanay Rizal where they serve as Medic Marshal. The present leadership under Alfie G. Roque has vowed to continue the legacy of their service during their reservist years and worked with great fervor in ensuring the safety of Navotas and Malabon City respectively.

The Team, headed by Alfie G. Roque, is composed of private volunteers and other emergency responders complementing the regular fire-fighting, Emergency Medical Services and Rescue force of the Bureau of Fire Protection, DILG Emergency 911 and beefing up the organization and operation of the United Fire, Rescue and Communication Association and the National Civil Defense Network.

Since partnering with the Disque Foundation and National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS), Alfie has empowered nearly 4,000 people at over 35 events with the skills to save lives using free course materials from the Disque Foundation. These training sessions are comprised of CPR, AED & First Aid, BLS and ACLS certification. In addition to these trainings, the BZFAST also maintains a continuing program of conducting trainings, orientations and actual drills in various schools and establishments on how to deal with and react to various forms of emergencies like fires, earthquakes and other critical emergency incidents. The drills include the safest and fastest means of evacuation, rescue and extrication.

Bravo Zulu First Aid and Safety Team has empowered nearly 4,000 people at over 35 events.

cpr training for gradeschool studentsMost notably, Alfie and BZFAST trained 270 Students at Trimex College in CPR and First Aid. This training took place in the fall of 2018 in a large outdoor space in order to provide for the amount of students. This event was closely followed by 210 lives empowered in March 2019. This training was held for the Boy Scouts of Navotas City Scouting Council to be trained in CPR and First Aid. These numbers continue to climb as Alfie and his team inspire more and more people in the Philippines to save lives.

The entire team at the Disque Foundation would like to thank Alfie and his team in their support of the Save a Life Initiative at the Disque Foundation, as we look forward to many years to come.