Dr. Disque teaches CPR to the AHA Associate Board of Chicago

AHA Associate Board of Chicago

The salvation of a human life is a priceless and enormously fulfilling task that most people assume is performed strictly by doctors and trained professionals.  This belief, however, is tremendously far from true. Anyone can save a life with the correct knowledge and unpretentious training that Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque DO, Director of the Disque Foundation, offers.

The Disque Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the dual task of enhancing health care education and motivating others to live inspired lives. A worldwide goal, members of the foundation have contributed in Panama, Haiti, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and the United States. A board certified cardiac anesthesiologist, Dr. Disque presents incomparable presentations and demonstrations to inform and educate anyone interested in saving a human life. The Disque Foundation has worked with the American Heart Association (AHA) in an astonishing and successful effort to prevent people from dying. Recently, Dr. Disque has focused on educating the Chicago land area, specifically for the Associate Board of Chicago for the AHA.

Kenneth Searcy, a registered nurse and AHA trainer with Searcy Medical Solutions, accompanies Dr. Disque in his determination to educate others in the administration of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  Searcy Medical’s prime faculty and owners are registered nurses with over 30 years of hospital and pre-hospital education. Together, this heroic team is giving back more to the world than imaginable. Their intentions are an empowering example of how small acts of humanity and compassion make an enormous impact. Dr. Disque and Searcy have constructed their careers to benefit the entire world. Disque said he feels honored to educate fellow members on CPR. His goal to bond the Disque Foundation with the AHA is an ample accomplishment.

“As a member of the Board, I was honored to educate fellow members on CPR. The American Heart Association has been an organization of longstanding excellence in the medical community and we look to them for the latest in research on life support guidelines,” Dr. Disque said.  “Empowering others to save lives is one of the main initiatives of the Foundation and the AHA, so I feel our overall goals are aligned.”

The leading motivation behind The Disque Foundation is the Save a Life Initiative. Disque has exceptionally crafted his medical practice, making his career his life. His interests in making the world healthier represent charity and sympathy in the hectic and demanding modern world. The large-scale movement of wellbeing that Dr. Disque has created is growing everyday.  The desire to prepare and educate individuals through vital services signifies the ambitions and objectives of Dr. Disque entirely.