Foundation Update: Surpassing 700,000 Lives Empowered

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Life saving, MediCode application featuring listed algorithms.

As we move into mid-April, it’s worth reflecting on all the good the Disque Foundation has done up until this point and continues to do throughout 2018. It’s by looking back at our accomplishments that we are inspired to keep going; to keep empowering others to save lives and make a better world.

To date, we’ve trained and passed 700,000 individuals who are now equipped to go out and save a life. We’ve accomplished this astounding milestone through annual volunteer trips, CPR trainings, and online certification courses. During our volunteer trips to places such as Cartago, Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro, Panama, Salcedo, Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Louisiana and Williamson, West Virginia, we were able to provide medical assistance and health education to the local communities.

Through the relationships we’ve established, we’re able to provide the medical care, support, and education necessary for saving lives. By 2020, our goal is to have empowered 1 million people through our Save a Life initiative.

In addition, we have launched ACLS MegaCodes on the National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) site. The ACLS MegaCodes provide scenarios and simulations that make learning ACLS simple. Put your ACLS skills to the test with these timed megacode scenarios. Similar PALS MegaCodes will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

We encourage you to test your knowledge with the updated MediCode application, which includes interactive practice tests. The MediCode app gives you easy access to all of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) algorithms. Complete the free ACLS Practice Test, which has 10 multiple-choice questions derived from the ACLS provider handbook. It’s a quick and convenient way to start equipping yourself with knowledge that can save lives.


boy making rocket straw

Straw rocket excitement at Ronald McDonald House.

The Disque Foundation has been involved in various events, from Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to CPR, AED and First Aid trainings. Specifically, we’ve held in-person CPR trainings with Coburn Place and Indiana Youth Group, as well as hosted a CPR, AED & First Aid webinar with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NPLA) by our Medical Educator, Lauren Diffendarfer. Lauren offers a live skills training webinar weekly on Tuesdays at 3:30PM EST, answering any questions as well as providing an overall assessment of your skills. To learn more or to register, see Skills Training Webinar Registration.


As previously mentioned, the Disque Foundation has an ongoing commitment to RMH. Their mission is “to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families.” Since our mission involves improving health education and saving lives, our goals align well with theirs. Back in February, we had our RMH volunteer night with founder Fritz Disque and board member Catherine Hickey and we made marshmallow stamp bunnies to celebrate spring! In April we held another activity night and made straw rockets with the entire Leadership Team!