Summer 2017 Event Wrap Up

The Disque Foundation Empowerment team has had a productive and rewarding summer. We were really able to extend our vision of life-saving empowerment, as well as our pursuit of overall well-being.

Between our ongoing commitments with Ronald McDonald House, online certification courses, webinars and CPR, AED and First Aid trainings, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and capabilities with others. Below are some of the events we have had the pleasure of contributing to this summer!

Fidget Spinner Making at Ronald McDonald House, Chicago

We have an on-going commitment to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to help them in their mission, which is “to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families.” The Disque Foundation Empowerment team’s quarterly RMH event in June featured fidget spinners. During this particular event, we helped children make their own handmade fidget spinners, from molding them out of clay, baking in the oven, and adding gauges 3-D printed sides. More than 50 fidget spinners were created by the kids and team!

Disque Foundation giving free CPR classes

Philippine National Police Camp Crame Santolan Training

We held a CPR, AED & First Aid training class at the Philippine National Police Camp Crame Santolan on June 5th for the first time. The overall vision of the Philippine National Police is to attain a “safer place to live, work and do business.” Therefore, it was fitting for us to help contribute to that vision.Class attendees watched a pre-recorded CPR training video, as they prepared to take their OSEC-MPM (Officers Senior Executive Course – Master in Public Management). Thanks to help of Empowerment Team members and police friend Colonel Jaime Osit Santos, the event was informative and successful.

Alabama Waldorf School Webinar

The Disque Foundation held a webinar hosted by our Medical Educator, Lauren Diffendarfer on August 11th. The pre-recorded certification webinar allowed the 25 student and faculty members at Alabama Waldorf School, located in Birmingham, Alabama, to learn lifesaving CPR, AED and First Aid skills as well as obtain free CPR exams and certifications on our site. Our goal isn’t only to educate adults in lifesaving skills; we want students to be prepared for life-threatening scenarios they are capable of handling as well.

We offer a skills training webinar weekly on Tuesdays at 3:30PM EST. This is a live skills training session with Lauren Diffendarfer; she will be able to answer questions specific to your certification. During the live skills training webinar, Lauren will be able to assess your skills. Here is a link to learn more and register if you wish to attend: Skills Training Webinar Registration

Bedazzled Fish Making at Ronald McDonald House, Chicago

This time, our RMH event included making fish out of popsicle sticks to be painted and bedazzled with sequins on August 17th. Our fish activity manifested into plate paintings and other bedazzled jazz hands.

The best part of these events is that the kids come in for a few hours and get to just be kids. For us, there’s nothing greater than seeing a smile on their faces, and the creativity they exhibit is nothing short of inspiring.

We cherish our relationship with Ronald McDonald House and look forward to our next activity on September 14, 2017.

CPR Training, Budondo Intercultural Center

The Budondo Intercultural Center is an organization located in Budondo, Uganda. This center works to enrich the lives of the citizens of Budondo. They create opportunities for education and entrepreneurship, and provide access to healthcare. We were fortunate to provide our CPR training and advanced medical training to their medical staff so that they can continue their mission.

It means so much to our Disque Foundation Empowerment team to have opportunities such as these to inform, educate, and inspire others. Every day offers new possibilities to save a life, whether it be through educating others in life-saving skills, or facing a real-life situation where we may be called to put those skills to use.

We are very thankful to the organizations and establishments that have allowed us to share our time  with them this summer. It is important to us that we help build a world that is health care savvy so that we can all continue to save lives.