40 Arts United Staff and Volunteers Trained in CPR, AED & First Aid

Each year in the United States, over 350,000 cardiac arrests occur in an out of hospital setting. That’s why here at the Disque Foundation, we work to empower others to save lives by teaching them the skills necessary to do so.

On February 28, the Disque Foundation worked with Arts United in Fort Wayne, Indiana to teach over 40 employees and volunteers CPR, AED & First Aid skills for adults, children and infants. Arts United seeks to bring a collective focus and support to the creative sector of Northeast Indiana, by offering the area the best in music, dance, theater, cinema and fine arts for nearly sixty years.

Miriam Morgan, the Vice President of Arts Campus Administration was one of the participants at the training, and was involved with the partnership of the Disque Foundation and Arts United.

“Arts and culture organizations supported by Arts United served more than 680,000 people in 2016, so the safety and health of these patrons are a top priority for us! We were pleased to partner with the Disque Foundation to provide free CPR and first aid training to over forty staff and volunteers who engage with our community members on a daily basis. This partnership style training is one of the many ways Arts United mobilizes resources for arts and culture organizations in our region.”

Now, thanks to their recent training in CPR, AED & First Aid skills, the Arts United community are better prepared to help save a life during a medical emergency.