Helping the Homeless with Blessing Bags for Families at Wheeler Mission Ministries

blessing bags for wheeler mission

Indianapolis, Indiana has about 1,600 homeless residents

According to Indiana University Public Policy Institutes annual homeless count. Although the number is decreasing every year, this alarming number is still high, and Indiana temperatures can drop down to the teens during winter nights and hundreds during the summer days. A solution to helping individuals and families restore their lives and find needed goods and services are shelters, safe havens and transitional housing ministries.

One of the most impactful Indianapolis homeless ministries are the Wheeler Mission Ministries, a non-denominational Christian social services organization that provides the services and resources families need regardless of their race, color, sexual orientation, national origin or religion. Wheeler Mission Ministries was founded in 1893, and currently operates from nine locations all over Indiana, and prides itself on being one of the most diverse ministries of its kind in the state of Indiana.

When the Empowerment Team at the Disque Foundation heard of Wheeler Mission, they knew they wanted to help. The foundation’s mission aligns with the mission statement of Wheeler, so they began planning exactly how they could help and the impact they could make right away.

The Empowerment Team gathered at Primrose School at Bridgewater in Indianapolis in the midst of the summer heat to create “blessing bags” for the children and families experiencing homelessness locally. The Empowerment Team always enjoys spending time with children and had the help of 5 and 6-year-olds at Primrose School to help them assemble the blessing bags before dropping them off at Wheeler Mission. Parents, teachers, staff and the Empowerment Team all donated the supplies for the bags, which consisted of water bottles, juices, snacks, toiletries, first aid items and more.

“Kids loved helping build the bags to help those in need. The school and parents love that the kids are learning how to better serve their community,” Micah Poirier of the Empowerment Team said.
The children and the Empowerment Team had a blast creating the bags and discussing ways that we can all unite to help the homeless in Indiana. The Disque Foundation is grateful for Wheeler Mission and the opportunity to serve, and look forward to future opportunities! The positive light shed among the children and families was truly inspiring, and the foundation hopes that homeless individuals will find comfort in their blessing bags during their current trials.

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