Dr. Disque and Friend Family Health Center Go Red For Women this February

Did you know, more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined?

Heart disease, commonly thought of as a “man’s disease”, affects over 43 million living women today.  The number of women who die from heart disease each year (about 500,000) is staggeringly high.  This is because many women neglect prevention, ignore their symptoms and do not seek treatment before it’s too late.

There are countless ways people can help, but many people are unsure how. On February 6th, 2015, Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque, practicing cardiac anesthesiologist and executive director of the Disque Foundation, presented his “Go Red For Women Initiative” at Friend Family Health Center in the southeast and southwest communities of Chicago. Dr. Disque contributes to American Heart Month every February in an effort to spread awareness of the prevalence of heart disease in women. His presentation was made in association with the American Heart Association’s nation Go Red For Women campaign. The AHA and Dr. Disque aim to inspire women to take control of their risks and spread knowledge to promote prevention of cardiovascular disease. In previous years, Dr. Disque has presented the Go Red For Women message in small and large communities, and he looks forward to future opportunities that enable him to willingly motivate women all over the world.

“Heart disease affects hundreds of thousands of women yearly, this could be your sister, mother, daughter, friend, or family member. With knowledge and motivation, women can work together to end the disease” – Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque

Dr. Disque also works with the international AHA campaign known as Go Red Por Tu Corazón, a bilingual program designed for Latina women in over 65 countries. Cardiovascular disease affects women all around the world, and Dr. Disque seeks to motivate women to work together against the disease. Dr. Disque looks forward to regularly helping spread awareness of the Go Red For Women movement in any language.