Chicago State University Taking Action Against Cardiovascular Disease


The heart, the first-developing organ, is the complex and central structure to health in the human body. Recently, Dr. Disque and the American Heart Association taught a course to the staff at Chicago State University containing unquestionably vital information about key components of heart health. Dr. Disque’s presentation Taking Action Against Cardiovascular Disease, entirely discussed and explained cardiovascular disease in an unpretentious and instructive approach. The staff members at Chicago State University were given fascinating facts, statistics, and data early in the presentation to stress the importance of awareness of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Coronary heart disease, arterial diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, and congenital heart disease are surprisingly all categorized as CVD. Dr. Disque aimed to demonstrate and explain the warning signs of cardiac arrests such as a heart attack, a sadly typical problem in today’s world.

Dr. Disque also reviewed and clarified CVD in a relatable style by presenting potential ways that the staff themselves could be at risk. Controllable risk factors and their defense mechanisms gave the staff determination to better not only their own lives, but also the lives of the people they love. Dr. Disque presented the ideals of heart healthiness, behaviors, and factors to prepare and alert the staff in a friendly approach. The problem of CVD is massive, and unfortunately remains the no. 1 killer of people in the United States. Dr. Disque’s passion for heart health was clear throughout his presentation with the emphasis on children and families. The numbers of unhealthy hearts in children are growing everyday, and the prevalence of cardiovascular health factors in the United States in children and adults are astounding. The staff members of Chicago State University were given the chance to fathom these issues with comprehensible data and illustrations.

To conclude the course’s presentation, Dr. Disque explained his approach to a relaxed technique with Living Better with Life’s Simple 7, a guaranteed guide to aid in living a longer and stronger life with focus on heart health. Dr. Disque presented a break to the staff of Chicago State University to hear from another medical doctor, Clyde Yancy, M.D. The audience was given information allowing them to monitor and test their own heart health with My Life Check, a tool designed to give a health score. Dr. Disque provided the audience with hopefulness and motivation to increase quality of life for themselves. With Dr. Disque and the AHA, there will be less illness, surgery, medical treatments, and heart disease in a world that significantly needs it. The optimism in Taking Action Against Cardiovascular Disease has opened new windows of heart health and positivity for the staff member of Chicago State University.


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