10 Books that Changed my Life

There have been many books (audiobooks usually) that have really made a deep impact on me and have fostered personal and leadership development. This list may be helpful if you are looking to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Happy reading (or listening!)

7 habits of Highly Effective People By: Stephen Covey

Covey distills the essentials of all the personal success literature for the past 200 years into this extraordinarily succinct system of habits. The seemingly simple yet powerful insight of this book can not be overstated. This has become the operating system that I attempt to live my life by. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

4 Hour Work Week By: Tim Ferris

Tim shattered the old model of a normal life plan by becoming what a member of what he calls the “new rich.” A complete “how to” and “why to” guide to life. Mind was blown and NHCPS was the company that was built on its guidelines. The 4-Hour Workweek By: Tim Ferris

Abundance By: Peter Diamandis

Peter writes that providing abundance is the grand challenge of humanity and then provides multiple instances where this is already happening and is within our grasp. I found this as a complete contrarian view to the negative energy that surrounded the future after the 2008 economic crisis. He completely inspires me by the forces of exponentially growing technology, the DIY innovator, the “Rising Billion,” and Technophilanthopist are all working together to solve the challenges we face giving plenty of optimism for the future! Abundance By: Peter Diamandis

A Whole New Mind By: Daniel Pink

Pink very eloquently makes a case for the world’s need for the right brain and its importance in moving forward in the new economy. This was a complete shift for me as I was very based in left brain (math, science, logic, reason) values. In his book he outlines multiple ways to awaken your right brain and I could not be more grateful for his work! A Whole New Mind By: Daniel Pink

The 8th Habit By: Stephen Covey

A follow-up to the 7 Habits, this classic takes it to an entirely new level. This book moves from effectiveness into greatness, fulfillment, and contribution. It hinges on not only finding your voice but also inspiring others to find their voice. This book continues to transform the way I think my life’s purpose and voice. The 8th Habit By: Stephen Covey

Start with Why By: Simon Sinek

After studying the greatest leaders throughout history, Simon found that they all think, act, and communicate in a fundamentally similar way and that it is the opposite of most everyone else. From the Wright brothers to MLK to Steve Jobs, they all started with why as opposed to what they do. To me an extremely simple yet powerful shift in this psychology is the pathway to being able to inspire yourself and others. Start with Why By: Simon Sinek

Rich Dad, Poor Dad By: Robert Kiyosaki

This classic found me during medical school when I realized that I really wanted to serve people and that providing fee for service through the current health care model was not inspiring to me. I was plagued with the thought of how I could possibly decouple money from serving whom I wanted to on my terms. Rich Dad provides the psychological framework for financial and time freedom. Rich Dad, Poor Dad By: Robert Kiyosaki

Outliers By: Malcolm Gladwell
This amazing author is an intellectual journey with each of his books! In this book he attempts to answer what makes the highest achievers in our world different. His conclusions are always insightful and led me to focus far less on particular characteristics of a successful person and more on what experiences and circumstances got them to that point. Outliers By: Malcolm Gladwell

Great by Choice: By: Jim Collins

With a much more fasted paced economy than when Collins wrote “Good to Great,” in this book he illustrates why some companies thrive in uncertainty and others fail. His data-driven principles are excellent and applicable in such an exciting time that we are in currently. Not only is the marketplace changing faster than ever, but also the rate of the change itself is increasing! Great by Choice By: Jim Collins

Outwitting the Devil By: Napoleon Hill

Although best known for his work in “Think and Grow Rich,” this is a true classic to me as it digs even deeper into the human psychology and gets to the root of what prevents us from realizing our personal goals. The insights are profound and timeless. Outwitting the Devil By: Napoleon Hill


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