Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

Jenny Gorski and her new friend decorate cookies together.

The Ronald McDonald House prides itself in caring for children with complex medical needs by providing them with comfort, compassion and a sense of community. One way RMH displays this is by hosting a series of fun events for the children, such as Art Night and Bake Night, where volunteers can come in and share smiles and laughs, as well as delicious treats and wonderful works of arts, with the kids.

We here, at the Disque Foundation, firmly believe that it is important give to the community, which is why we often find ourselves in downtown Chicago a few times a month. And while others may title it as “volunteer work”, we simply see it as an opportunity to bring a few chuckles to those who need it the most.

Below are two examples from Disque Foundation members that provide insight into what it means to “volunteer” at the Ronald McDonald House, and how it doesn’t just positively affect the children, but ourselves, as well:

Laughter is the best medicine. It can help the sick forget about illness, it can rejuvenate the healthy, and it can connect people in real ways. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the Ronald McDonald House. Working with the Disque Foundation, I’ve found that art night and bake night are the perfect vehicles to deliver a few giggles to kids who need them most. Whether we’re working with markers and construction paper or cupcakes and icing, I’ve been amazed time and again by what a creative outlet can do for these kids. Yes, we seem to have more fun creating messes than perfecting masterpieces, but that’s the magic of it all. In those few crazy hours, they forget about the hospital rooms and tests and remember what it’s like to be a kid again. Laughing along with them, I get to feel like a kid again, too.

-Mitch Branstetter

“The Ronald McDonald House is a truly a remarkable place. Working with the Disque Foundation, I have participated in both art night and bake night at RMH. The whole process is a lot of fun because you get to meet new people and do something really positive for these kids. Volunteering at RMH opens our eyes to another part of life, a very painful one,that can be dealt with in a positive way as a community. As volunteers we provide intangible gifts, such as care and compassion, which are much needed by these kids on some pretty tough days. I feel our time spent at RMH gives the parents some time to regroup and gives the kids an opportunity to take their mind off reality and have some much deserved fun! Many kids are so ill, yet remain cheerful and positive. They deserve all the wonderful things that Ronald McDonald House has to offer, and I am happy to be a small part of it. Every time I leave a night of volunteering I feel richly rewarded by my experience. Thanks for helping me get involved Disque Foundation, I look forward to many more fun-filled nights at RMH with your organization!!

–Jenny Gorski