Empowerment Report on the Save a Life Initiative

The Disque Foundation, in conjunction with Save a Life Certifications by NHCPS has empowered a total of 1.7 Million lives through our free online courses. Our team has been working hard to make an impact on the world and we want to share our progress with you:

The Disque Foundation’s mission is to provide free advanced healthcare education to underserved populations in the U.S. and around the world. We do this by providing advanced healthcare education to everyone, both in the US, and abroad, through the use of technology. Our Save a Life Initiative allows the Disque Foundation to provide training courses on life-saving material in a completely online platform. The Disque Foundation is the first ever organization to offer training in this type of way. 

2,585,055 people empowered to save a life (and counting)!

Over The Years

df-ecudaor-trip-2019Stemming from volunteer efforts in response to the earthquake in Haiti, the idea for the Disque Foundation was born. In 2010, Dr. Disque witnessed life-saving measures used on an infant during birth that were learned in life-support courses. In 2011 NHCPS was formed to provide the classroom setting for life-saving skills. The Disque Foundation and NHCPS, in conjunction with AMC in 2016 have been providing life-saving courses ever since.

In 2018, the team surpassed 700,000 empowered to save a life. Our team also travelled to Kenya in that year to train medical students. After a lot of hard work, the Disque Foundation reached its goal of empowering 1 million people to save a life in 2019 (a whole year earlier than expected)! In 2019, our team launched Save a Life Certifications by NHCPS. Our team continues to empower 1496 people to save a life per day and has their eyes set on a goal of 10 million individuals empowered by 2025. 

Our Online Courses

The Save a Life Initiative stems from our partnership with SaveaLife.com. SaveaLife Certifications by National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) is the world’s first provider of 100% online life-saving certifications. All aspects of SaveaLife by NHCPS’s courses can be accessed online and completed from any device with Internet access. All courses are designed by Board Certified Physicians and adhere to the latest ILCOR standards and guidelines. 

The Empowerment Report

ecuador-df-trip-2019Our team at the Disque Foundation created an empowerment report to share with our partnering trainers, non-profits, organizations and future partners. Our life-saving courses have been accessed and empowered people in 202 different countries. Our organization offers free and recorded webinars on CPR, AED and First Aid with personalized codes for your organization. 

In the last 4 years, the Disque Foundation has hosted 296 events in 23 different countries. Our team is thankful for the opportunity to partner in mission with these organizations. We are working to empower more communities virtually and in person every day.

From 2014 to 2019 we went from 103,370 to 1.7 million lives empowered!

Join Us in Our Mission

To date, the Disque Foundation has empowered more than 2.5 million people to save a life. Our goal is to empower 10 million people by 2025. The Disque Foundation pledges 100% of public donations directly fund our cause. Interested in joining our mission? Contact us for more information at info@disquefoundation.org.