Responding to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Our vision at the Disque Foundation would be a world where everyone is empowered to save a life. That is why our team offers FREE online training for anyone interested in learning CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and First Aid. Also, our ACLS and PALS online courses could give you a life-saving advantage in dire situations. We are the only online entity that trains and certifies for free.  

Link Between COVID-19 and Life-Saving Certifications 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Disque Foundation, along with its facilitating partner, have been serving healthcare professionals who need to get certified to be on the front lines of the crisis as laypeople who are finding themselves with more time on their hands. Within the past two years, doctors and nurses have become required to get certified. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, resources are scarce, we are stepping up to fill this need. No matter the situation, it is essential to be trained to save a life now more than ever. 

COVID reminds us of the importance of updating BLS certifications. In a COVID emergency, it is crucial to have updated algorithms that are unique to this ever-changing time. These updated algorithms are backed up by science and increase the survival rate of victims amidst COVID-19. 

Increasing Lives Empowered

The Disque Foundation team has seen an increase in the number of people empowered to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last three months, we have trained 850,000 people in CPR. That is almost 9,000 people per day. To put this into perspective, in every breath that you take, the Disque Foundation has empowered another person to save a life. This marks a big step in our mission as it took the foundation four years to empower one-million people. 

We noticed an interesting correlation between CPR training and countries that have been hit hardest from COVID-19, including Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru. Website traffic at has mostly seen an influx of interest from Brazil. Training and certification for health-care workers fighting the pandemic on the frontlines have increased website traffic from 20,000 visitors per day to 120,000, including over 180 countries. Last week our team saw the most traffic from California, Texas, and Florida. Who would have ever thought our sites and courses would follow the stages of a global pandemic and help those being affected the most? 

To expand life-saving materials and training, the Disque Foundation donated to our partner, Global FICCS. These donations consisted of food packs, face masks, and mosquito nets. In response to our contributions, Global FICCS director, Mr. Priten Patel, wrote, “With your help, we could distribute 550 food packs and 700 mosquito nets to families in Shomopole; and an additional 300 food packs and 800 mosquito nets to families of Olkiramatian and Entasopia.” The Disque Foundation team is humbled to assist in life-saving measures such as this.

Taking Control during COVID-19

During this troubling time, many feel powerless in the face of the unknown. However, we must play our part in stopping COVID-19 and in protecting our communities. The Disque Foundation’s own Drew Downing, Director of Outreach & Mission Fulfillment, shared Some Perspective on Coronavirus. Downing shares his professional advice on topics that will give you the confidence that you need to protect yourself, your family, and your community during this pandemic. 

Marketing Director, Mackenzie Thompson, states in an interview with FOX 32 Chicago, “We’re all feeling a little powerless right now, and getting trained is a way to feel in control during this crazy time.”

Our mission is simple: to empower people to save lives. Becoming trained in CPR is free and available to everyone at the Disque Foundation. Get certified and take control during this uncertain time in the world’s history.