Having a Heart at Rosalind Franklin University

Rosland EventThe Disque Foundation supports the ongoing work of the American Heart Association through its campaigns to inspire others to live a heart healthy lifestyle. Last week, Fritz spoke to 170 students and faculty of the College of Pharmacy at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science located in Northern Chicago.  The ‘Have a Heart Banquet’ presentation was held to support the AHA’s Go Red For Women campaign, an operation with goals of spreading heart disease awareness for women.

The night included dinner, dancing and an encouraging presentation from Fritz about Go Red For Women.  The presentation was full of information about women and heart disease, including statistics and facts that all women should understand about heart health. Heart disease has taken lives of women from all over the world, not just in America.  The AHA has expanded the reach of Go Red for Women with Go Red Por Tu Corazon, a bilingual program that aids Latinas with Heart Disease, and across the world in more than 65 countries.  Because the Disque Foundation works as a worldwide foundation, Fritz also discussed how heart disease affects women around the world.

 “Heart disease affects hundreds of thousands of women yearly, this could be your sister, mother, daughter, friend, or family member. With knowledge and motivation, women can work together to end the disease” -Fritz

The Disque Foundation understands the effect that heart disease has on women. Every year, cardiovascular disease takes the lives of 500,000 American women. Because of popular perceptions of the disease, heart disease is often assumed to be an older man’s disease. Because of this, the AHA founded Go Red For Women in an effort to help women recognize their risks of heart disease and take control of their lives.  To further the fight against this disease, the Disque Foundation and founders of the Have a Heart Banquet contributed all funds raised to support research, communication, education and instruction for all women affected by heart disease.

The NBC program “Get with the Guideline” has implemented guidelines from Go Red for Women on Capitol Hill with The Heart for Women Act.  Because of the generosity of people like the students and faculty of Rosalind Franklin University, there has been over $300 million raised for research and education. Fritz and the attendees of the presentation have contributed to this success and support ending the gender disparities in legislation, saving more women from heart disease.


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