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newspaper-720We are extremely honored to announce a story covering our contribution trip in December to Costa Rica was very recently published by one of our hometown news publications.

The Jackson County Banner published an article yesterday covering our contribution trip, and highlighting a few of the members of the Disque Foundation’s Board of Directors, John Disque and Anna Disque. Operations for the Disque Foundation are based out of Brownstown, Indiana- a small town in southern Indiana, which John and Anna call home, and where our Executive Direction Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque grew up.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

Making the world a better place is a daunting task if people try to do it on their own. So, world hunger, poverty, access to water, lowering crime, and finding cures for diseases are all problems organizations try to solve.

The Disque Foundation, located in Brownstown, aims to join the cause and help make changes, specifically in the medical field, in Third World countries.

The Foundation was started by Dr. Karl Disque, known as Fritz, a former Brownstown resident who is a practicing anesthesiologist; Anna Disque, resident of Brownstown; and John Lustig, a businessman with projects around the world.

Anna Disque says if the foundation does not do the work, important issues could go unnoticed.

‘Somebody’s got to do it,’ she said. ‘If you just take some time to do something bigger than yourself, it’s like lighting a fire, once you have a spark, things begin to roll.’
The foundation as a group took its first trip to Costa Rica in December and plans to make the trip an annual event.

The organization’s mission was to further health care education with hands-on training for local medical professionals and others. Some of that time was spent in an orphanage to help train those in charge of the facilities deal with basic medical situations.”

We are extremely honored and would like to thank Jordan Richart, and the Banner for spreading our story and cause, and hope this story can inspire many of our neighbors in Brownstown and Jackson County.

To read the article in its entirety, please follow this link that will direct you to the encourage you to go through the article on the Banner’s website. At the end of the article, there is a section dedicated for comments. We are always interested in hearing from our supporters, or others who are now familiar with our mission.


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