In our journey to Riobamba, Ecuador, the Disque Foundation ventured into South America with a resounding mission to empower healthcare providers and community members. During their week-long visit, the team trained hundreds in vital life-saving techniques, spanning CPR, BLS, and first aid, while also providing much-needed prescription eyeglasses. This transformative effort reached out to the Puruhā community, a pre-Incan indigenous group living in dire poverty, and extended its impact through equipment donations to local communities. With the enthusiastic leadership of Mackenzie Thompson, the Disque Foundation’s Outreach Associate, the trip marked their inaugural venture into Ecuador, exemplifying their core mission of enabling healthcare providers and local people to save lives. Hosted by Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel (FIBUSPAM) and partnering with Trek Coalition, this journey was part of the Save a Life Initiative and serves as a testament to the foundation’s commitment to equitable healthcare education, as well as leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and hope in its wake.


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