Karoline Kress

Karoline was first involved with the Disque Foundation in 2012 on our foundation trip to Costa Rica.

Her work with at the Costa Rican orphanage and the quality time she spent with the children, deeply impacted her life and it was on that trip that she created the original version of the Foundation logo that in 2016 inspired our current logo. Since then, Karoline has been involved with the Disque Foundation efforts at the Ronald McDonald House, she designed the first Foundation t-shirt and has worked on various art creations for the Foundation.

Most notably, in 2012 Karoline co-founded and has continued to organize the weekly iLIVE (inspiring Leaders Innovators and Volunteers Everywhere) video calls. These remote connections through videoconference are weekly chats for young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to gather together to discuss inspiring and innovative ideas. Topics center around four main pillars of life: physical, spiritual, mental and social wellbeing.

Currently Karoline is studying Human Development and Family Science at Ohio State University with a minor in Spanish and she hopes to integrate her new skill set into the work of the Foundation in the near future!