The Disque Foundation partnered with the Floating Doctors organization to bring medical relief to remote coastal communities of the world. 

Members of the Disque Foundation assisted in delivering medical assistance to local villages near Bocas del Toro, Panama. A majority of the patients seen by the medical volunteers were treated for routine medical issues that would be quickly treated in the United States and other first world countries. Yet, due to lack of accessibility in Bocas del Toro, patients were forced to suffer through weeks of agony before getting necessary treatment. “All of the villages we visited had been without medical care for at least three months, often longer. Most of the conditions we saw were treated with simple medications that are readily available in the states,” Dr. Disque said. “We were very impressed with the work Floating Doctors has already provided in the area, and are grateful we could help in any way possible. Poor health care scenarios like these are what the Disque Foundation is fighting to improve, and we will continue doing so in as many places as possible.”


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