Dr. Ken Langden

Dr. Kenneth Langen has been practicing pediatric anesthesia for over 10 years in the Western suburbs of Chicago, in both the academic setting and in private practice.

He graduated from Loyola University to start his career as a Doctor of Medicine in the early 2000’s. Since then, his training continued at other top medical schools throughout the country. Eventually he would also obtain his Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) specializing in biostatistics and epidemiology from Northwestern University.

After his extensive education, Dr. Langen commenced his anesthesia practice in Pediatrics at the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago. In addition to his anesthesiology work there, he also became part of the Institutional Review Board at the Children’s Memorial Research Center. Over time he returned to the academic world, holding an academic appointment in the Feinberg School of Medicine at his alma mater, Northwestern University. As time progressed, Dr. Langen contributed to countless academic materials focusing in, but not limited to, anesthesiology. His contributions which include case reports, reviews and book chapters, abstracts and other medical presentations, would ultimately bring him even further opportunities for research.

In tandem with Dr. Langen’s educational and occupational experiences, he has contributed both single-handedly and collaboratively to seven peer-reviewed research articles. He currently resides in Illinois with his family, which includes a Bernese mountain dog and a standard poodle. Dr. Langen likes to spend time in the outdoors as well as camping with his family in their RV. He enjoys other outdoor activities as a novice trap shooter and a runner, having completed the Chicago Marathon twice.