Meet Our Save A Life Initiative Partners

The Disque Foundation is grateful for the hard work of organizations that collaborate with the Save A Life Initiative to advance healthcare education. Our team works with these partners to fill the need of CPR, AED and First Aid, BLS, ACLS and PALS courses. Read about our partners and the life-saving work that they are doing. Together, we empower thousands to save lives.

Global FICCS

kariobangi kenya boxing girls

Global FICCS and the Boxing Girls in Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya January 2019

Founded by Dr. Parag V. Patel, Global Foundation for International Cardiovascular Services (FICCS) is an organization devoted to fostering the development of education and healthcare services for underserved communities in East Africa. Dr. Patel is on the Disque Foundation’s Save A Life Advisory Board.

In recent years, Global FICCS and the Disque Foundation have joined forces to alleviate poverty, empower people to save lives and provide charity cardiac catheterization procedures. Our most recent collaborative trip to Kenya was in the beginning of 2019 where the foundations empowered over 140 health care workers in Nairobi, Kenya to save a life.

Bravo Zulu

The Bravo Zulu First Aid and Safety Team (BZFAST) was founded and created by a group of peer instructors and response volunteers led by Basilio L. Bautista and Alfie G. Roque in 2014 during an event in Tanay Rizal where they serve as Medic Marshal. The present leadership under Alfie G. Roque has vowed to continue the legacy of their service during their reservist years and worked with great fervor in ensuring the safety of Navotas and Malabon City.

The BZFAST Team has a continuing program of training volunteers for the various barangays and communities of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces under the Emergency 911 Program and NCDN Initiatives. They provide CPR, AED & First Aid training along with BLS and ACLS training. The BZFAST has held over 35 trainings and empowered over 4,000 individuals to save a life.


Punchkick Interactive is a digitally innovative agency that makes custom software for what matters to people most, people. Zak Dabbas, the co-founder and CEO, and fellow Chicago EO member with the Disque Foundation founder, has been an active partner and supporter to the foundation for years. Most recently Punchkick has offered their office space in Chicago to the foundation team during our quarterly meetings. Punchkick puts clients at the forefront of the digital future and keep them there. They help brand marketers connect with their communities through powerful, world-class digital experiences.

SR Fire Rescue Volunteers

sr fire rescue

SR Fire Rescue at a CPR and First Aid training in Las Piñas City, Philippines

SR Fire Rescue Volunteers is a Non-Government Organization and a Non-Profit Group founded in 2012 with a mission to augment the government of Las Piñas City in its Disaster Risk Reduction and Management drive with local volunteers. SR Fire Rescue Volunteers teaches CPR, AED and First Aid and Basic Life Support to community members and school audiences in the Philippines. The Disque Foundation is an official training partner, providing free courses and life-saving material for trainings.


FIBUSPAM is an international charity in Ecuador working to provide health care to marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities. The Disque Foundation was introduced to FIBUSPAM through the outreach efforts of Drew Downing, our Director of Outreach and Mission Fulfillment.

In the fall of this year, the Disque Foundation will be traveling to Ecuador with FIBUSPAM. Volunteers will be hosting CPR training sessions for two audiences: local communities and leaders and additionally we will train the trainers for the FIBUSPAM clinical team. During non-training times, we will prescribe and provide reading glasses while assisting in the general medicine clinic. FIBUSPAM will coordinate two translators for the trip to go with us. The Disque Foundation team is excited for this opportunity to join forces and better healthcare education in Ecuador this fall.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald Mcdonald House

RMH event night in Chicago, IL January 2019

The Disque Foundation has an ongoing commitment to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to help them in their mission, which is “to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families.” The Disque Foundation has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago for 10 years. We are grateful for all of the volunteers who have joined our team on these monthly visits. They truly help bring a smile as well as a fun activity to the children and families at RMH.


Amizade inspires empathy, catalyzes social action, and links diverse communities through Fair Trade Learning to create a world where diverse communities connect freely, forge lasting relationships, and build a more just planet together. The Disque Foundation joined Amizade in the rural community of Williamson, West Virginia in the summer of 2017. There, our team provided free CPR, AED, and First Aid training, community gardening and urban farming, trail maintenance, health education, and worked with children.

Coburn Place

Coburn Place is an organization in Indianapolis that offers supportive services and housing options to survivors of domestic violence. We’ve worked with Coburn Place throughout the years to provide free CPR training and certification to their staff, so that they can further help their residents in the case of a medical emergency.

National Service Reserve Corps

national service reserve corps

National Service Reserve Corps at their blood drive

The National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) is mandated by the National Service Training Program Act of 2001 and Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010. As the NSRC has an expected membership of at least one million members every year, it had trained a core group of trainers to handle the massive training it had planned. The Disque Foundation aids the NSRC by providing free courses through our Save a Life Initiative. Our team provides CPR, AED & First Aid, BLS, ACLS, PALS trainings to NSRC.

Good News Ministries

Good News Ministries is an organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana that aids the homeless by providing shelter, addiction recovery, counseling, job readiness training, education, health care, and spiritual growth. In the past, we’ve worked with Good News Ministries to donate “blessing bags” for those they provide shelter for. We also continue to provide free CPR training and certification to their volunteers involved in their Summer Youth Program.

Take Action CPR

Take Action CPR is a partnering training provider to Disque Foundation National Health Care Provider Solutions. The Take Action CPR team is comprised of full-time firefighters and paramedics, who bring 30 years of field experience in health and safety instruction to the classroom. Though our partnership Take Action CPR is able to offer their groups discounted rates in training and certification in ACLS, BLS, PALS, CPR and BBP.

Together Our Partners Help Us Reach Millions

These partners contribute to our mission of empowering others to save a life. When we put the knowledge, skills and ability to perform CPR and other proven techniques in the hands of people around the world, the potential number of lives saved is almost overwhelming.

NHCPS, the Disque Foundation, our Partners and you. Together, let’s save lives.