What Costa Rica Taught Me About Mother Theresa by Jane Spreckelson

Jane Spreckelson coloring with a young boy in Costa Rica.

Jane Spreckelson coloring with a young boy in Costa Rica.

Jane Spreckelson, sixth grader, wrote this book report based on her trip to Costa Rica.

I chose to do Mother Teresa because she did a lot of great things in her lifetime that I am very inspired by.  I have always wanted to travel to other countries and help people out like she did. I finally got the chance when I went to Costa Rica. I had a great time helping kids out. They were orphans and were in need of someone to play with so I was there. Mother Teresa did the same things accept she was helping the poor.  I want to do this too. I would like to go to another country sometime in my life again. Mother Teresa was there for the people that no on else wanted to go near. She was kind by always being nice. She was determined by never giving up when helping the people. She was also inspirational by being like Jesus and caring for the needy.

I could be a little more caring about Emma and Clare’s feelings. I could also be a little more kind to them. I also need to be a bit more determined when it comes to doing things I don’t like. I could always be a better person. Mother Teresa has inspired me to go to other countries and work as a missionary or just help out.  There are a lot of people in the world that need my help and I will help them someday. I have set my mind to it and I am determined that I will do this when I become an adult or possibly sooner. Reading about Mother Teresa and writing this has helped me in many ways to be a better person at school. Some of these ways are that I will stand up to bullies at my school and not let anyone put me down. I will also help out my teachers if they need any help in the classrooms. I will also help kids out if they drop something or just need to talk to somebody. I will never ever be mean to anyone at school and never say I am better than anyone else. The last thing I could do would be to try my best and do all my homework.  This is important when I get good grades which I will need in the future by helping me get a good job. Some things that I could do at home are do what I am told when I am told to do it and not wait until the last minute. I could take out the trash and clean up the house without having to be told. I could get all of my homework done then do my chores quickly so I can help out more. I could also do a lot more things at a lot of different times but there are too many to mention.  That is how reading about Mother Teresa has changed who I am and how I will act. I will never forget reading about her what she did for the poor people all over the world. I want to be like her when I get older and I want to be able to help out a lot of people. She inspired me to do a lot of things that are very important to do in my life.

I know that after reading about Mother Teresa that I need to go to another country and help out the people. Mother Teresa has inspired me to do this. She is one of the best saints in my opinion. But then again I think that all of the saints are the best. I have learned a lot from reading about Mother Teresa.