Our Primary Mission

Advancing health care education to the underserved
both domestic and abroad through the use of technology.

Disque Foundation In Ethiopia

Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque served as an instructor for Ethiopia’s
first Nurse Anesthetists Master’s program.

Pueblito de Costa Rica

The Disque Foundation has adopted an ongoing effort
in serving the Pueblito de Costa Rica Orphanage

Disque Foundation In Haiti

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Dr. Karl Disque
joined a team of health care professionals to provide care for
those wounded in Port-au-Prince.


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The Disque Foundation was created to inspire others to live inspired lives! Our primary mission is to advance healthcare education to the underserved populations of the US and the world, through the use of technology. To fulfill this mission, we have created the Save a Life Initiative. Through our partnership with National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) we offer the first free life support training courses. These courses are available online through the open learning classrooms: Udemy, Open Learning, P2PU, and Canvas. All courses are free of charge and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. You can learn more about the Save a Life Initiative below.


The Disque Foundation is proud to introduce the Save A Life Initiative, in cooperation with National Health Care Provider Solutions: